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Leo Heal Thyself With Bio-chemical Sell Salt Mag Phos

Astrology and Leo- Magnesium Phosphate

Leo's need Magnesium Phosphate. From July 22 to August 23 the sun transits it's own sign. Leo means Lion. The lion represents motion, energy in action, the heart, motor and nerves. Symbolic of high moral courage and self-control.

Sexual passion, love affairs, amusements and speculation are attributes to Leo. Unfortunately they can be negative and destructive. They are e-motions (outward force.) This is one of the problems with today is that there is an imbalance, and a great mass of humanity is still concerned with e-moting.

Motion is the true function of Leo, not e-motion. The prime directive for Leo is to create, create, create! The Sun creates the most powerful vibrations.

Leo represents the diametrically opposed characters and conditions. One energy for creation the other for destruction.

Our desires and emotions, like the lion, tear us to pieces and consume us if we let them. The blood becomes feverish and the heart labors furiously. Is it any wonder that the sexual act causes a severe strain to the heart?

Create Leo! The sunrise means daily restoration. The pumping of new strength through every nerve. The power of dawn and the purging of evil. The Sun is the influence of Spiritual good.

For the Leo, the middle course is safest and best. They can attain equilibrium and become balanced, perfect.

Magnesium Phosphate is the cell salt for Leo's. When Magnesium Phosphate becomes very deficient, spasms in the body result. Body acid attracts the magnesium in the body causing nerve pain.

Magnesium Phosphate protects both sensory and motor nerves.

Leo's are magnanimous. This means one who is great of mind, elevated in soul, raised above what is low. Leo's are courageous, noble spirited and unselfish.

Health is ease of mind and body. Dis-ease is the absence of ease. Deficiency of Magnesium Phosphate causes some very curious symptoms, such as cramps in the limbs, fingers and neck. There can be lock-jaw, spasmodic coughing, sneezing, choking, and hiccough. Magnesium Phosphate is a true spasmodic remedy.

Angina Pectoris is a very painful symptom which calls for large doses of the salt.

Neuritis and Neuralgia need this salt. In fact all troubles of the heart and motor system need it.

Each in-organic cell salt knows how to make some part of the human organism.

Lack of Magnesium Phosphate also causes queer mental disorders such as nervous head ache, seeing double, seeing color, twitching eyelids, squinting, earache a loss of the sense of smell and stammering.

The function of this salt is concerned with vitality, activity, the circulation of the blood, nerve force, and glandular fluids etc.

The word e-motion means to flow out (energy) to go out from. It implies disturbance, a waste or loss of motion.

The human body needs perfect circulation of energy. There can be no spasmodic action or loss of energy. Emotion is the spasmodic action of energy.

Joy is always beneficial, it seems to stimulate one physically as well as mentally. Love is ease, balance and harmony.

Magnesium Phosphate is needed by Leo's to keep energies flowing towards creatively and not e-motions.

A study of physiology, anatomy, bio-chemistry and Astrology will clean up all doubts about the healing powers of cell salts.

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