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Heal Yourself With Color Green

The Color Green

Have you ever noticed that the two prevalent colors on the planet Earth (before cities and blacktop roads) are the colors of Nature, Green and Blue.

Green Forests and Blue sky is the color of the oceans. The color Green is also one of the more powerful and useful healing colors known to man.

When you go into the woods or to the seashore it is the colors that heal you, as well as the other vibrations.

Attributes of the Color Green

Green is a cerebral equilibrator.

Green is a physical equilibrator.

Green stimulates the rebuilding of muscles and tissues.

Green stimulates the rebuilding of muscles and tissues.

Green destroys micro-organisms, germs and bacteria.

Green cleanses and prevents decay (germicide, bactericide, disinfectant and antiseptic.)

In Dinshah's book "Let There Be Light" (Dinshah Health Society, PO Box 707, Malaga NJ 08328) He has a list of 400 Spectro-Chrome diagnosed disorders, with their color schedules.

When you study that chapter you may be given the impression that there is a color schedule for almost all ailments.

This is correct, because no matter what the problem is, there is a Spetro-Chrome color (colors) which will be effective. A person must have the necessary vitality and if irreversible damage is not present (it is not too late!)

The human body is designed wonderfully. Sometimes color can at least ameliorate some disorders which have been designed as incurable by other healing methods. Spectro-chrome can do something in most cases.

In cases of paralysis, caused by nerve dysfunction, favorable results only can be attained by their repair or by utilization of other nerves to the affected area.

There are dis-orders that take years to manifest. The rule of thumb is for each year of developmental time, takes one month of tonations. Recovery depends on the persons vitality and to what extent the disorder progressed.

Even with what is called "hopeless" or "incurable" cases, everyone is encouraged to keep a cautious optimistic view.

Where there is life and Spetro-Chrome therapy, there is hope.

The Dinshah Health Society publishes an ongoing series of newsletters, from two to four per year. They may contain an announcement, a color schedule may be added. Sometimes a comment on medical or scientific developments, or on Spectro-Chrome techniques may be included.

Example of an article in a news letter.

Boron has not been generally recognized as an essential element in human nutrition. This is a dangerous assumption. It is essential! It reduces the excretion of minerals necessary to keep our bones strong (calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.) The process lessens the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Boron is found in dark leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and some fruit. Vegetarians should take note.

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