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Heal Yourself With Color - Healing Pioneers Are Destroyed

Heal Yourself With Color
Pioneers Are Destroyed!

It seems to me that the way society functions is this way:
95% of society just goes along. Out of the 5% that is left of society come our great thinkers, healers, artists, musicians, creators etc.

Within the 95% a select group of individuals set themselves up as experts or authorities and they then compel the 95% to fall within that norm.

The A.M.A. , religious leaders, bureaucrats, educational leaders, have all built rules for the 95%. And if you are one of the 95% and mind your own business, FOLLOW THE RULES and don't go scratching the surface of things as the "appear" to be, all is well.

But what of the 5% who have decided to become pioneers in their fields and to bring the world new ideas.

If you look back at some of the pioneers; you will see how this secret group of experts and authorities took it upon themselves to DESTROY both the pioneers and their teachings. In this way they were able to keep their own vested interests alive.

Here are just a few to whet your appetite, so that you can find others by yourself.

Paracelsus was a wonderful healer from Germany, almost 500 years ago. His methods did not include the scalpel or any type of chemical, drug poisons. Rather he treated the "whole" man, realizing that man is comprised of much more than a physical body. The doctors at the time were furious because of his amazing track record of healing, and as a result they lured him to a mountain top and pushed him off.

Delaware from England, was the inventor of the BLACK BOX radionics device, which was used at this time for a most successful, all natural form of pest control for crops, along with a great many other healing uses that would have benefited mankind. But he was battered from pillar to post by the Royal Medical Society and was in and out of court. They bankrupted him and destroyed his devices.

Nicole Tesla wanted to give the world access to a generator that would provide FREE energy! The powers that be, who were getting rich, selling regulated,controlled, high priced electricity and petroleum drove him out of Long Island. He went to Colorado. They sent agents out to blow up his lab. They were only interested in using this inventor, of one of the greatest minds of the century, for the military, with his invention of the "Death Ray!" And giving the world FREE energy was not on their agenda.

Darius Dinshah, the originator of Spectro-Chrome Therapy was another pioneer who fell under the axe of the authorities.

I have personally studied Dinshah's Color healing methods and I have one of his original Color projectors.

I have used his color filters and projector for over 20 years and have found it's curative, healing powers to be beyond words.

I would like to tell you a little about how the authorities crushed him and his pioneering ideas.

Dinshah P. Ghadia, was born in Bombay, India on November 28Th 1873. He made his first visit to the United States in 1896 at (23 years of age.) He met both Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla.

During the Bubonic plague in India, the niece of one of the Theosophical Society friends was dying. Orthodox healing methods did not help. Dinshah turned to the then noted Color Healer of the time Dr. Ewin Babbitt and applied his methods. He saved her life using this form of healing! It wasn't until 23 years later that he devised his own healing system- Spectro- Chrome.

In 1911 he emigrated to the United States with his wife and two children. In 1918, he received a commission as a captain in the New York City Police reserve and joined the American Association of Progressive Medicine.

In 1920 he gave his first lecture on Spectro-Chrome therapy and established the Spectro-Chrome Institute in New York City.

In 1933 he wrote the Spectro-Chrome Therapy Encyclopedia.

In 1947, the FDA brought hit to trial in Camden, New Jersey. Coincidentally, a fire destroyed his institutes main building! Coincidence, I think not! He lost all his scientific equipment, models, library, and case history's, thus impeding his defense in court.

He was found guilty of being a medical quack. It resulted in a $20,000 fine and probation for 5 years. Dinshah had to surrender all his remaining books and equipment. The FDA burned the books and destroyed the color projectors with their sledge hammers. They even went into the homes of private citizens who had purchased color projector and destroyed them. The total value was over $250,000.

The moral of the story: Don't mess with the FDA or the AMA and try to heal people as a pioneer.

His Three sons are keeping up the work of their father, going as best they can with the FDA, AMA and IRS looking over their shoulders.

You can contact his sons for more information :

The Dinshah Health Society
PO Box 707
Malaga, NJ 08328

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