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Heal Yourself With Color Turquoise

Heal Yourself With Color


Dinshah's Spectro-Chrome therapy has produced marvelous results for many people, but there are limitations and slow or no results which I will speak about shortly.

Lemon and Turquoise are opposite colors, they both contain 1/2 Green. They both cause favorable changes in nutrition and tissue repair. Generally, Lemon is used for chronic cases (long standing.) And Turquoise is used for acute conditions (recent.)

Attributes Of the Color Turquoise

The Color Turquoise produces a favorable change in the processes of nutrition and repair in recent disorders (acute alternative.)

The color Turquoise is a brain depressant.

The color Turquoise is a skin tonic.

The color Turquoise rebuilds burned skin (antipyrotic.)

The color Turquoise is an equilibrator after extended use of infra-Green tonations.

Let's talk about slow or no results when using Spectro-Chrome Colors.

It works wonders but like all treatments, rules, or guidelines need to be followed.

The first rule is Diet. A poor diet of beef, booze and tobacco must be eliminated if you want to get best results from Spectro-Chrome therapy.

Lack of persistence in another leading cause of lack of results. Some cases take a considerable time to progress to be apparent. Dinshah warned against taking just a "few" intonations.

Then there is incorrect technique. Dinshah tell the story about a woman who complained of "no results," after a month of tonation. When he spoke to her about it, she told him that she insisted on tonating with a bed sheet covering herself, because she didn't want her husband to see her nude.

Sometimes it is just too late. Sooner or later a person's healing efforts can not keep up with all the ever present destructive forces. Death awaits all of us. If the constructive forces within the body can not keep up with the destructive forces, it is then a TERMINAL case.

But much comfort can be secured by continuing with Spectro-Chrome tonations to the end. "Miracles" have been known to happen.

Some ailments have their causes in stressful living, emotional turmoil, environmental pollutants etc. Some causes of illness are hard to pin down.

If you do not find the cause it may be difficult to find the proper tonation.

Heredity could be a hidden cause. Mental or religious attitudes are other worries.

Spectro-Chrome Therapy works weather the person believes it will or not. Two outstanding qualities are needed for treatment to work which are a positive attitude and the will to live.

Expect good results. Spectro-Chrome has the potential for affecting almost all health conditions.

Your body knows best. One of the unfounded fears is the fear of fevers.

Fever is a friend not an enemy, unless it gets out of hand - above 104 degrees. The white blood cells are the defenders work better, to overthrow germs. Blue and Purple control high fevers without weakening the body's recuperative powers.

From Birth to Death we are surrounded by may influences, forces and energies. Some we are not even aware of.

Spectro-Chrome is a great defender of health against the antagonistic outside influences.

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