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Heal Yourself With the Color Indigo

Heal Yourself With The Color

The Age of Aquarius is ushering in the Age of "I Know." I know how to heal myself. What better way to start than with color healing, with Dinshah's Spectro-Chrome therapy.
No Diagnosis
No Drugs
No Manipulation
No Surgery

There are and have always been a handful of Pioneers on the planet that have tried to move mankind ahead. They have all been pretty much ridiculed, ostracized and even murdered.

Though the pioneer may have died, his invention, his idea or methodology survived.

So it is with Dinshah, Tesla, Socrates, Galileo, etc. I have given you their stories in previous articles.

Let me share with you the attributes of the color Indigo, before I share the stories of more pioneers.

Indigo is the combination of the color Blue with the color Violet. There are three color filters that are combined together to give us Indigo, Blue (#859) + Blue(#866)+ Red (# 828)
There are Roselene Filters.

The color Indigo is a parathyroid builder and stimulant.
The color Indigo is a thyroid depressant.
The color Indigo is a respiratory depressant.
The color Indigo causes contraction, control ls abscesses, lessens secretions, arrests discharges and hemorrhages.
The color Indigo promotes the production of phagocytes which destroy harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, germs etc.

The color Indigo is a mammary depressant and reduces milk production.
The color Indigo eases suffering, lessens excitement and over activity.

I share the concept of struggling pioneers with you because Dinshah is one of them. He was demonized, jailed, fined and had all his instruments and inventions destroyed. But color healing prevails and will become a more dominant healing technique as we enter deeper into the New Age of Aquarius.

The Scotsman, James Watt who in 1786, discovered the use of steam for work was given a very difficult time. But his invention lived on long after him and gave us our great steam age of ships and trains.

Robert Stephenson, the Englishman in 1781, a pioneer, gave the world the first locomotive "rocket!"

Peter Cooper, an American in 1820, built the "Tom Thumb" locomotive that pulled 40 people at 18 miles an hour. They told him it was dangerous to the health of people to move that "fast."

Robert Fulton, in 1814 was only allowed to build a steamboat if he made an American War ship.

Alexander Graham Bell, in 1876, transmitted the human voice across wires. It took him over 8 years to get financial backing to produce his telephone.

George Westinghouse invented the air-brake and was told by Vanderbilt, a member of the establishment, "I have no time to waste on damned fools!"

Henry Ford's "Tin Lizzy" was laughed and scoffed at.

In 1796, Samuel Christian Friedrick Hanhaman, inventor of Homeopathy, caused such a stir in the medical community that he was run out of his home town, Lepsig, Germany.

Just a few Pioneers to show you two points. All Pioneers pay the price for their inventions. Out of the billions upon billions of people who live or have lived on the planet Earth, only a few are responsible for moving man forward.

Color healing is here to stay!
Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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