Friday, September 28, 2007


Good morning,

After five or six weeks I was coming along fine. The Bach Flower Remedies were helping me eliminate my fears and anxieties.

My little trailer in the mountains with its clean air and water was working miracles with my overall health and mental outlook.

Isn't it interesting that at the turn of the century, before the AMA, doctors would send people to the mountains and/or the seashore to recover their health. No poison chemical formulas or knives.

I was still strongly adhering to my organic diet. But sometimes the habits of 55 years would take hold of me and I would indulge myself with food that I knew was not the best for my health.

I was using my Schussler Cell Salts daily for maintenance and prevention.

Now, since I decided that I would take no more drugs in my life, not even aspirin, I needed to find a product that would replace them.

I turned to Homeopathy. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) is the founder of Homeopathy. He said, " order to bring about prompt, gentle and lasting improvement, you most often need to use infinitesimals doses..."

Hippocrates said "... by similars we prescribe. The ill do their own good health find anew. Thus whatever suffers little urine to pass removes that which has already suffered little urine to pass..."


I liked the concept of healing the causes of illness, not just masking them or working on the symptoms of illness that is prescribed by the AMA today.

Besides I also like how inexpensive and available these Homeopathic remedies are. I use BORION Homeopathic Remedies. They come in small blue dispensers, 80 tablets for about $5.95.

Again I must tell you that I am not a doctor and I cannot tell you that these Borion Homeopathic Remedies will heal you.

I can only tell you what these Homeopathic remedies have done for me in my quest for better health.

I am not going into the details of Homeopathy and how it works. The net is crammed with that information.

The Borion Homeopathic Remedies I keep in my medicine chest follow:

RUTA GRAVEOLENS ---------- For stiffness in Joints, Sciatica, Strain and Bruises.

NUX VOMICA ---------- Heartburn due to excessive eating or drinking.

MAGNESIA PHOSPHORILA ---------- Cramps, toothache, muscle pain.

CHAMOMILLA ---------- Ill tempers in children. nervousness in children, teething problems.

MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS ---------- Sore throat, offensive breath.

BELLADONNA ---------- Fever with thirst, colds, flu.

BRYONIA ALBA ---------- Fatigue, migraine headaches, rheumatism.

SULPHUR ---------- Itchy rashes.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON ---------- Swollen painful joints.

These are just a few of the many homeopathic remedies that I use.

I hope to get you interested enough for you to go out on the net and do your own research on homeopathy.

This is one remedy I always have ready for the flu season. For me it works miracles and I take the tablets under my tongue before I go to bed and the flu symptoms I had been experiencing are gone in the morning.


The homeopathic book I use as my bible is:

Health and Homeopathy Publishers
Virgina, 1986

Thank you. Try these homeopathic remedies for everyday pains and aches.

Thursday, September 20, 2007



Good morning,

In my quest for better health I studied many, many alternate healing methods.

The Bach Flower Remedies were working well. My fears and apprehensions were leaving me. I was using a few drops of several remedies in a glass of water several times a day for maintenance.

I was eating organic and natural foods. Breathing the clean mountain air and drinking only pure natural well water.

I turned my studies to vitamins and supplements. But on the way I discovered a supplement that I knew nothing about. Biochemestry. Dr Schuessler of Oldenberg, Germany recognized that the inorganic constituents of cells were "cell salts."

They were the builders and workers. Should a deficiency of one of these 12 basic cell salts occur in the body a dis-ease would occur.

Health an strength can be maintained with the 12 cell salts.

I studied about blood and it wasn't long before i understood how important clean healthy blood was.

The bio-chemic cell salts restore to the blood the constituents that are lacking.

Again I repeat I am not a doctor and cannot make any healing claims for you. I can tell you that for 15 years the bio-chemic cell salts have worked wonders for me.

MY bio-chemic bible is:

How To Get Well and Keep Fit
With Biochemic Cell Salts
Formur Publishers
St Louis, MO 1976

This small paperback lists all 12 cell salts, their uses as well as a list of possible ailments.

There are many uses for each of the 12 bio-chemic salts.

I will share with you what i found them to be most affective with acute problems in my life.


At 70+ I take 3 of these tablets under my tongue to keep my teeth tight and healthy in the sockets.


Again excellent for bones and teeth and maintenance for poor circulation.


This is the blood purifier and helps the liver remove waste products.


Strengthens red blood cells and controls bleeding.


Helps purify blood.


Remedy for nerves and nervous headaches.


Maintains healthy hair and scalp.


.The nerve cell salt. Nerve pains, neuralgia, sciatica and nervous headaches.


Water distributors. I use this quite often for water retention. Works wonders overnight.


This is the acid neutralizer. Digestion.


Keeps liver healthy from auto intoxication.


Cleanses and eliminates. Keeps hair, skin, nails healthy.

There are the 12 cell salts.

I use the HYLAND BRAND. You get 500 tablets for about $7.95. Good for almost a year.

I make sure that I have one bottle of each in my medicine chest.

I was always impressed at hos inexpensive natural remedies are in contrast to the Frankenstein drugs that they cell at pharmacies.

And no negative side effects.

Why do people take those harmful drugs?

I remember an old Greek saying.

"Whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad."

Is our society and the doctors going mad?

Next article on Borion Homeopathic Remedies

Use Cell Salts for all your daily ailments.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Good morning,

I will continue telling you about my quest for better health.

I read once that "... you are what you eat ... "Looking back now I can see that it applies not only to what you eat physically. It applies to what you eat mentally (books you read). It applies to what you eat emotionally (movies, art, TV and relationships).It applies to what you eat spiritually (your religious beliefs).

Fifteen years ago, when I first started my quest for better health I made major decisions and changes in what I ate.

Primarily I was concerned with the three major building blocks of good health. FOOD - AIR - WATER.

I decided to eat good chemical free food; move to the mountains for fresh air; and I would eliminate chlorine and fluoride from my drinking water.

I am not going to go into the details of why bad food, bad air and bad water are detrimental to your health. Again, the net is full of information on steroids, anti-bio tics, fluoride water and polluted air.

I was 55 and I had received an awakening from the universe. I was being given a chance to be reborn. Reborn into a new life. A life of complete dependence upon myself alone.

Good health was my first goal.


I decided to eliminate all processed food from my diet. To simplify my diet to include more grains, more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

I read somewhere that the Tibetans live on Tsampa, rice and yak milk. On holidays they make special cookies. Their diet is simple and they stay in great health. We eat a variety of too many items.

I cut out all red meat from my diet. I didn't want to ingest steroids and anti-bio tics that is so freely put into the meat.

Besides, my good friend Willie Whitefeather, a Cherokee Medicine Man, who I knew in Arizona, told me something startling:

He said "... the meat has been poisoned by the fear of the animals being led to the slaughter. They know they are going to die and they are fearful. The fear is in their blood and if we eat them it gets into our blood and we can get very sick ..."

So, not eating red meat is not a religious thing with me. It is the way they raise and kill the animals and the chemicals they put into them to get them fat. That is the reason I do not eat red meat.

I still enjoy chicken and turkey and fish. But I go out of my way to find supermarkets that sell organic free range chickens and turkeys. No steroids and anti-biotics.

The same with fruits and vegetables. I only buy organic. Those fruits and vegetables that have been grown without pesticides. I do not buy fruits and veggies from other countries because I have no idea what they use. I have head some nasty stories about what Asian use for fertilizers.

The organic fruits and veggies cost more. But with my health at risk it is well worth the cost.


I couldn't afford the rents in the big cities anymore. So I moved back to the boonies of the Pennsylvania mountains.

I live simply in a two bedroom trailer in a small park that has only 3 other trailers in it. Lots of clean mountain air and lots of open green spaces.

I found out that one of the major problems with my life was that I always expected too much. Now I enjoy a simple breakfast in my small trailer looking out the window at the mountains. I have accepted less.

Does the breakfast that a millionaire eats on gold plates --- taste any better?

I think not! I know not.

A great teacher once said "... not too little, not too much..."

Another said "... extreme poverty and extreme wealth are evil ..."

And the great Buddha said "... tread the middle path of moderation ..."

So here I was staring out my new life of better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, in the mountains.

I was working on the basics.


A well on the grounds supplied me with all the fresh, cold clean, chemical free water i needed. No more polluted city water.

Oh, by the way did I mention that I have no TV? No more mental and emotional pollution.

I have a DVD player and I treat myself to one movie a day. Thanks to Blockbuster and Netflex who delivers them to my door.

Next time the magic of homeopathic remedies. My website is:


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I really dug into my studies on the net. My health is very important to me. I really enjoy living in this wonderful creation of God's.

Nature is wonderful, beautiful and mysterious. Science through the Laws of Quantum Physics is now opening it's secret doors.

I enjoy reading, writing studying. I now added self-healing to my list.

In case you are wondering how I sustained myself through this dark period ... I sold books on and off the net. I had an extensive library and although it hurt to sell them I needed the money. Now after 15 years I have managed to replace most of them.

After several weeks of intensive study I knew where I had to start to protect and regenerate my health. MY EMOTIONS. I was full of fear, apprehension, anger and self pity.

I chose the Back Flower Remedies as my starting point back to emotional health and well being.

The net was full of information about Bach Flower Remedies. But it was too much.

I needed to narrow the field down to the basic essentials.

I finally chose two books on Bach Flower Remedies that I am still using today. My bibles of Bach Flower Remedies.

Theory and Practice
By: Mechthild Schneffer
Thorson's Publishers, Inc
Rochester, Vermont 1985

Clarifying the Basic Principles and Standards of
The Bach Flower Remedies
By: John Ramsell & Nickie Murray
Co-directors and Curators of
Bach Flower Remedies, LTD
England 1986

I am not going to go into the history of Bach and how he discovered the Flower Remedies. The net is full of that info and you can surf.

I am sharing with you how at age 70+ I manage to stay happy, healthy and wise. And away from MD's.

I will tell you how I rejuvenated, regenerated, revitalized and renewed my health with natural alternate remedies.

Remember, I am not a doctor, so I cannot say what I am telling you will heal you. It healed me.


There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies plus RESCUE REMEDY for emotional emergencies.

After careful study of the list of emotional symptoms I finally decided on the following 5 remedies:

MIMULUS --- Fear of known things. I had many fears that I knew about. Money fears, health fears, bill fears, fear for my future, etc.

OAK --- Normally strong and courageous but now beaten down by illness or adversity.

WALNUT --- Assists in adjustments to change in your life. Wow had my life changed.

WHITE CHESTNUT --- Eliminates persistent unwanted thoughts and pre-occupation with worry.

IMPATIENS --- Eliminates impatience and irritability.

I put in 3 drops from each of the 5 remedies into a large glass of water.

Then I sipped it throughout the day. When it got empty I filled it.

If I went out I would put the 3 drops of each remedy into a bottle of spring water and take it with me.

That was it. I didn't worry about how it would work or how long it would take. I just continually sipped on my Bach Flower Remedy mixture.

There was no way I could separate in my mind the ill effects of fears, apprehensions, worries, negative thoughts, resistance to change. They were a tangled mess.

So, I let the 5 remedies do their work.

There was no instantaneous healing or euphoria.

But after about 30 days I could sense a felling of WELL BEING. It got stronger and more satisfying as time passed, 60-90-120 days.

I still take my Bach Flower Remedies for maintenance.

I carry a 20 ml dropper bottle of RESCUE REMEDY with me at all times. It is for emotional emergencies.

In case of near auto accidents, shocking experiences, traumatic happenings, small hurtful accidents, etc.

I quickly take a dropper full of the Rescue Remedy under my tongue. In a matter of minutes the emotional upset leaves.

I may still have a fender-bender on my hands or a bill collector breathing down my neck or s skinned knee --- but my emotional involvement with these events is calm.

Next time i will talk about the big three. Food, Water and Air.

Saturday, September 8, 2007



Here I was 55 years old, no job, no pension and no health insurance. What I had to do was to find out what causes illness and disease within a 55 year old man. And what causes good health.

So I went to work, for hours at a time, surfing the internet. I found two very important trains of thought. One presented by the medical doctors and one presented by the naturalists, chiropractors, nutritionalists and alternate health devotees.

The main difference, it semed to me, was that the medical doctors treated the effects of illnesses. While the others treated the causes. I was interested in the causes.

I was skyrocketed into a new world. The world of HEAL-THYSELF and natiural healing techniques.

But where was I to start with very little money?

The natural healing techniques opened my eyes to some of the causes for my present health problems.

Stress and negative emotions such as fear, anger, revenge, jealousy all play a part in destroying health.

They do this by eating up the life force we have within out bodies.

So I decided to start with the stress in my life and turning my negative emotions around.

I would start with the Bach flower remedies since they were mainly for emotional problems. If I could heal my emotions I could start to heal my body.

I also started my quest for other information on stress reduction.

I looked into meditation techniques, prayer, herbs and supplements for some of the answers.

Then I ran across a marvelous technique given to us by E E Eeman. It was called the Eeman relaxation copper circuit. Simple and inexpensive to make and easy to use.

My quest for better health was on. Bach flower remedies, meditation and Eeman relaxation circuit. Heal my emotions and fears first.

Then I started to study what i ate. I read somewhere that you become what you eat. Eat bad food and get sick. Eat good food and stay healthy. My next quest.

I still had a long list of healing techniques that I had to surf and decide about.

More about stress management in next blog.

I want to keep my list in front of me at all times.

Borion Homeopathic Remedies Hylands Biochemic Cell Salts Natural Path Collodial Silver Healing Herbs etc

Friday, September 7, 2007



My name is Ellis Peterson and 15 years ago my world came crashing down. At that time I was a Math Professor at one of the Community Colleges in Arizona. After 18 years of service I was replaced by a younger Math professor from Mexico. No explanation, no apology, no pension and no health insurance. Just the door.

At 55 I was in a state of shock. My health started to go bad. I had plenty of bills and no money for doctors.

So I took it upon myself to study and learn how to heal myself and how to stay healthy.

Now 15 years later I am healthy and feeling and looking good. I have not been to an AMA MD for 15 years. Who the heck can afford one without insurance?

I am no doctor so I cannot make any claims about the products or alternate healing methods I discovered and used.

But I can and will share my own healing experiences with you and let you decide.

The alternate and natural healing methods that I used to heal myself are:











In my next blog post I will start to explain how I used them and for what.

Thank you