Saturday, September 8, 2007



Here I was 55 years old, no job, no pension and no health insurance. What I had to do was to find out what causes illness and disease within a 55 year old man. And what causes good health.

So I went to work, for hours at a time, surfing the internet. I found two very important trains of thought. One presented by the medical doctors and one presented by the naturalists, chiropractors, nutritionalists and alternate health devotees.

The main difference, it semed to me, was that the medical doctors treated the effects of illnesses. While the others treated the causes. I was interested in the causes.

I was skyrocketed into a new world. The world of HEAL-THYSELF and natiural healing techniques.

But where was I to start with very little money?

The natural healing techniques opened my eyes to some of the causes for my present health problems.

Stress and negative emotions such as fear, anger, revenge, jealousy all play a part in destroying health.

They do this by eating up the life force we have within out bodies.

So I decided to start with the stress in my life and turning my negative emotions around.

I would start with the Bach flower remedies since they were mainly for emotional problems. If I could heal my emotions I could start to heal my body.

I also started my quest for other information on stress reduction.

I looked into meditation techniques, prayer, herbs and supplements for some of the answers.

Then I ran across a marvelous technique given to us by E E Eeman. It was called the Eeman relaxation copper circuit. Simple and inexpensive to make and easy to use.

My quest for better health was on. Bach flower remedies, meditation and Eeman relaxation circuit. Heal my emotions and fears first.

Then I started to study what i ate. I read somewhere that you become what you eat. Eat bad food and get sick. Eat good food and stay healthy. My next quest.

I still had a long list of healing techniques that I had to surf and decide about.

More about stress management in next blog.

I want to keep my list in front of me at all times.

Borion Homeopathic Remedies Hylands Biochemic Cell Salts Natural Path Collodial Silver Healing Herbs etc

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