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Heal Yourself With Color Part II

Heal Yourself with Color
Part 2

Color healing has been around for a very long time. Dr. Babbitt in the 1800's wrote "Principle of Light and Color." He was one of the modern day pioneers of color healing.

But, it has been around much longer that that. There is a lot of evidence that the ancient Egyptians used color to heal. The Bramins of India also used color healing.

A modern day pioneer in color healing was Colonel Darius Dinshah. He gave us the Specto-Chrome Color Therapy. His system uses the 12 color filters placed in combination in front of a lamp. Red - yellow - green - blue - violet - magenta - orange - lemon - turquoise - indigo - purple - and scarlet.

You can get additional information about the Specto - Chrome Color Therapy system by writing to : The Dinshah Health Society, PO Box 707, Malega NJ 08328.

Color and Health

The energy field surrounding the human body is generated by electrical chemical, inner vibrations. It is called the Aura. The increased use of drugs and chemicals harms the body and causes harm to the Aura.

Color therapy heals and reinforces the Aura. Any illness, pain, infection, or breakdown in the body will result in a change in the invisible color of the Aura.

By treating with the correct color, you can reinforce the Aura, and eliminate the problem. A strong healthy vibrating Aura means a strong healthy body. Color heals the body.

I personally tonate my body with color once a day in the evening. By using color as a daily maintenance, I am preventing future health problems.

I place the correct color filter onto my small clip on lamp and shine it on my body for 1/2 hour. I do this while sitting in my favorite chair, with my eyes closed. It is a great time to do my daily meditations as well.

Using color filters for healing is so simple that you can use any light source available, the sunlight, a flashlight, a small clip on light or any lamp that is handy and you can clip your color filter on to. It is best not to use more that a 25 watt bulb as a higher wattage than this will melt your filter.

Each one of the 12 color filters singularly or in combination can be used to heal a specific symptom.

The Roscolene Color Filters are the best because they have an exact color system using a specific numbering system (see part one of this article for colors and number correlations)
Example: Red is #818, Green is #871, and Lemon is a combination of 809 and 871.

Color healing is an exact science, when used correctly. It is one of the easiest and safest health maintenance systems available. Babbett used the seven colors of the white spectrum for his healing system. He used any shade of Blue, Red, Yellow etc.

Dinshah scientifically perfected and improved on Babbitts system by devising 12 color filters.

Each color filter produces the exact vibration needed to reinforce the Aura. There is no trial and error. Dinshah was mathematically correct in his choice of color filters.

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