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Heal Yourself With Color Lemon

Heal Yourself With Color

This is one of the areas where Dinshah and his Spectro-Chrome Therapy Color techniques differ widely for Babbett and the other well known "Color - Healers."

He saw mathematically, the importance of some in between color frequencies such as Lemon. Lemon is halfway between Green and Yellow on the Spectro - Chrome color wheel.

Lemon is Yellow (#809) and Green is (#871) and you arrive at the color by placing both Green and Yellow on a projector or small lamp.

Attributes of the Color

Lemon produces a favorable change in the process of nutrition and repairs persistent disorders (chronic alternative)
Lemon dissolves blood clots.
Lemon promotes coughing to expel mucus and fluids from the lungs and air passages (expectorant.)
Lemon is a bone builder by phosphorus effect.
Lemon is a Brain stimulant.
Lemon is a thymus builder and stimulant.
Lemon mildly stimulates the digestive system (Laxative)
Lemon is an equilibrator after the extended use of ultra- Green tonations.

The foregoing attributes of the color Lemon lists the effects you can expect when you tonate yourself on some one else.

If an organ is missing from birth or completely removed it is unreasonable to think colors will help.

But if even a small part of an organ remains, it may be able to be regenerated or energized to the point where it will be able to function adequately.

Tonate Lemon systemic (chronic alternative) and the proper color stimulant or builder for the organ involved.

Many disorders can be tonated in this manner.

Perseverance in tonating is often essential, especially in long standing cases. It is worth the effort. Energy organ has a specific function to perform. When any of the areas fail repercussions arise some where else.

For all disorders except a few emergency conditions, Green or one of it's derivatives (Lemon or Turquoise) is included in the tonation program.

In persistent disorders the preparative and recuperative powers are likely to have weakened. Lemon (1/2 Yellow and 1/2 Green) is the chronic alternative because it has some of the governing and cleansing power needed due to it's Green component and has the stimulating ability of Yellow.

Use Lemon in all persistent disorders; if fever recurs tonate an ultra- Green color (Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, Violet) until there is little or no fever, then revert to Lemon and any other colors which were being tonated.

It should be realized that while we can use symptoms as a guide for tonating, it is the underlying cause we want to change. When a cause has been removed the symptoms will simply "Vanish!"

Spectro - Chrome is not an instant cure all and has it's limitations as do all treatments, depending most especially on your belief in the "cure." But it will make your life more pleasant.

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