Thursday, November 15, 2007

Heal Thyself With12 Astrological Cell Salts

Biochemistry, Cell Salts and the Zodiac

Biochemistry is the chemistry of life. Symptoms called disease, disappear or cease to manifest when the correct biochemical cell salt is furnished.

Cell salts are found in all our foods, and are carried in the blood. When a deficiency occurs in any of these cell salts, a decay of the body starts. Disease is a deficiency not an entity.

The twelve mineral salts are the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body. They are the physical basis of all healing.

In this age of Aquarius all who strive for physical regeneration should strive to build new tissue, nerve fluids and brain cells. In this we are making new bottles for the new wine.

New wine means new blood. Food does not form blood, it simply furnishes the minerals to set free inorganic or cell salts. Air unites with the minerals and forms blood.

There is a higher vibration inundating the Earth due to the new age of Aquarius. We need to clean our blood and perfect our bodies to correspond with these higher vibrations.

We must vibrate health. Health can not be qualified, ie poor health or good health. There must be either health or dis-health; ease or disease.

A sufficient amount of cell salts, properly combined and taken as food forms blood that materializes into healthy fluids, flesh and bone tissue.

Take tissue cell salts as a health food to keep the rate of blood vibration healthy at all times.

If we increase the rate of activity of brain cells by supplying more of the dynamic molecules of the blood known as mineral or cell salts, we will see mentally, truths that you could not see at the normal rates of motion.

We must raise our selves to the level of the super-natural! There are truths awaiting us above the solar plexis; above the animal or natural man.

Millions of dormant cells of the brain need to be resurrected and set into motion.

We can link chemistry with Astrology. The human body is an epitome of the Zodiac. Each sign of the Zodiac is represented by the twelve functions of the body and the position of the Sun at the time of birth.

The cell salt that corresponds to your sign will be consumed faster than the other cell salts. You need extra amounts to supply the deficiency caused by the Sun.

Dr. Carey's discovery of the Zodiacal cell salts has added a new page in the Genesis of the healing arts.

Aries---------------------------Kali Phos
Taurus------------------------Naturium Sulph
Gemini------------------------Kali Mur
Cancer------------------------Calcium Floride
Leo-----------------------------Magnesium Phosphate
Virgo---------------------------Kali Sulph
Libra----------------------------Natrium Phosphate
Scorpio------------------------Calcium Sulph
Capricorn---------------------Calcium Phosphate
Aquarius----------------------Natrium Mur
Pisces--------------------------Ferrum Phos

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