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Heal Yourself With the Color Violet

Heal Yourself With Color

Dinshah's Spectro - Chrome therapy stresses the word tonation. A tonation means to shine a
Spectro-chrome color on your body on part of your body. One hour is the prescribed time. If you are to tonate front and back with a color, you can do it one at a time or use two light projectors.

If the treatments calls for two colors, tonate with one color for an hour, wait a little. And then do the other color.

Attributes of the color Violet:

The color purple filter is composed of three Roscelene filters. #'s 832, 859, and 866.

The color Violet is a spleen builder and stimulant. The color Violet decreases muscular activity, including the heart muscles. The color Violet is a lymphatic gland depressant, systemic front. The color Violet is a pancreas depressant.

The color Violet decreases the Activity of the Nervous System (tranquilizer) The color Violet promotes production of Leucoytes, white (Violet) blood cells.

How to Take a Tonation:
When possible tonate infra-Green colors, (Red, Orange, Yellow and Lemon) during day light. Tonate ultra-Green colors (Turquoise, Blue, Indigo and Violet) in the evening, while you are relaxing.

The room should be warm to prevent chilling. Portable heaters help.

When sitting try to face south. When lying down try to have the top of the head facing north. When tonating front lie on back or side. Tonating your back, lie on your side. Do not lay on your abdomen. It reverses the body's electrical polarity in reaction to the Earth.

A darkened room works well. Remove the clothing necessary to expose the areas to be tonated. Tonations need to be done on the bare skin.

One tonation in the day and one in the night are sufficient. Nature can be helped, but not rushed.

In some severe, acute conditions, (burns, poison ivy, headache, sprains, etc.) a continuous tonation may be employed.

Do not be concerned if the darker colors cannot be seen. Their effect on the invisible Aura is what is important. Spectro-Chrome works on the Aura while awake or asleep. Your mental state helps. Try not to read, watch TV or listen to the radio while tonating. Listening to a CD with relaxing music is good.

Allow at least an hour between eating and tonating, except in digestive problems.

Color Charged Water:
You can augment your tonation with color charged water. Place a glass of water on a chair during tonation, sot the color shines on the water glass. Drink the water at the end of tonation. Since we are colloidal beings, mostly made up of water, the water will imbue your entire body with this color.

The effects of the color - charged water are different from a tonation. But you can use the color-charged water as a substitute.

Remove the top from a cardboard box and put a bottle (colorless) of water in the box. Cover the box opening with a color filter. Place near a light source or sunny window, for at least an hour. Drink the water no later than one hour after tonating it.

Now that we have started our 2000 year trip into the Age of Aquarius, we need new healing methods. With no more scalpel, drugs and Frankenstein machines like MRI's, etc.

We are vibrational energy beings. We need vibrational energy healing techniques. Color Therapy is one of the best and easiest to apply.
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